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No. 39 - Spring 2018

No. 39 - Spring 2018 magazine

Magazine Contents


                                                                   Michael Gans

                                                                   John Breidenbach

                                                                   Marylyn Oakley

                                                                   Michael  Morrow                                                                                        

                                                                   John Oakley

New Lotus Championship  -  Benno Berchtold

Vanwall and the Lotus Connection  -  John Oakley

Lotus-Bristol Mark X  -  Graham Capel

Dan Gurney and Lotus  -  Mark Whitelock

An Unusual Lotus Seven  -  Story sourced by John Oakley

The Strange Tail of a B-17  -  Story sourced by john Breidenbach

New Restoration project  -  Barry Davison

Racing in the Sixties  -  Graham Capel


Correspondence and Feedback

The Film Grand Prix  -  Mark Whitelock

More On Candy Apple Red  -  Peter Morley

Snowmobile  -  Anon

More Motoring Trivia  -  Mark Middleton

Grid Girls – Out-dated or Part of the Tradition?  -  Keith Hosmer

John Luck’s birthday Celebration  -  Ian Rymer

Lotus Mark 6 Trim  -  Barry Davison

Elan Restoration Complete  -  Roz Case

Sintered Clutch Plates  -  John Bird


Small Ads.  -  Various

Lotus 18-909  -  Details from john Breidenbach

Forthcoming Events  -  Various