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No. 35 - Spring 2017

Editorial                                                                                           Secretary

The Chris Barber Elite                                                                     Various

Lotus XI chassis 150 – Part 1 and 2                                                Bruce Revennaugh

Lotus XI chassis 150 – Part 3                                                          John Oakley

Lotus XI chassis 150 – Part 4                                                          Tony Middleton

Europas Off Piste – Variations on a Theme                                     John Bird and Andy Webber

Jarama Festival in Spain                                                                  Kenn Michelsen

Lotus 19 Chassis Number 950                                                         Nick Daunt

Kop Hill Climb 2016                                                                          Barry Davison

Lotus Mk IX and Fifteen Cutaway Drawings                                     Eagle

2016 United States Grand Prix                                                         John Breidenbach

My 1965 Lotus Eleven GT                                                                Graham Capel


Correspondence and Feedback

Elan Plus 2 Convertible                                                                    Joe Marchione

Chateau Impney Hill Climb                                                               Martin Cowell

Family Historic racing                                                                       Barry Davison

Allard Restoration Project                                                                 Keith Abbott

Lotus Eleven Parts and History                                                        Stephano Gatti

Kiakora Earthquake                                                                          Keith Abbott

Lost Lotus Six                                                                                   Janet Brown

Lotus Six or Seven Prototype                                                           Mike Wilson

More Lotus on Screen                                                                      Tom Davis

Lotus Seven Photos                                                                         Chris Mintoft

The Sebring Saga                                                                            Alain Clacy

Season’s Greetings                                                                          Shieldhall Team

Davison’s Dog Squad                                                                       Barry Davison

What is it?                                                                                         John Oakley

Have You Seen This Car?                                                                Eldon Guay

The Annual Dinner                                                                            John Oakley

Forthcoming Events                                                                          Various

Wanted and For Sale                                                                        Various