Over seventy members attended the Annual Dinner and Prize-Giving at the 4-star Apollo Hotel. This year the 'star cars' on display in the dining room were Ivan Dutton's Lotus Eleven Le Mans, Tony Newbery's Lotus Elan, Pete Reckner's JPS paddock bike and Owen Oakley's Lotus 22 Formula Junior. Although the dress code was black tie, members were each asked to bring a hat in order to win points for one of the table competitions - and points mean prizes! Just to prove that our members are fit and still able to 'do the breathalizer' an inter-table bubble-blowing competition was held; this was not a total success as some competitors discovered that there was 'a bit of a knack to this'.

After the dinner it was time to award the trophies, club medals and other prizes. This year 27 members were medal winners - an all-time club record.

The club returns to the Apollo in November 2010.