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No. 31 - Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 Magazine


  • Editorial Secretary
  • Memories of a Friend Secretary
  • First Principles: The Official Biography of Keith Duckworth 
    Paul Smith
  • One for the Road; the Lotus 51R 
    John Oakley
  • De-siamesed Inletb Ports and More 
    Martin Carter
  • More Side-valve Tuning Experiments 
    John Oakley
  • Mk1 Lotus Cortina HXD 353C 
    Dave Baldock
  • A Personal View of the Lotus 64 
    John Oakley
  • A pair of Racing Sebring Sprites 
    John Breidenbach
  • The Summer Lotus Drive-in 
    John Oakley
  • Not Designed by Colin Chapman 
    John Breidenbach
  • Maintenance Diagram for the H4 series of SU Carburettors 
  • Correspondence and Feedback 
  • Wanted and For Sale 
  • Events